About Me

Hi, I’m Eva, and I live in Ohio with my husband and children. I used to spend my days homeschooling my kids or transcribing medical reports for hospitals, but now if you stopped by my house on any given day, you’d find me either multi-tasking for my household or at my desk, my favorite rock music playing while I write one of my young adult novels.

The idea of writing a novel has long appealed to me, but I think I was subconsciously waiting for the modern-day young adult novel to emerge. Once it did, I was hooked – on the intensity, the heightened emotions, and all the first experiences. It reminded me of how I’d felt when, at 17, I was so eager to have adventures that I flew alone to California to backpack for two weeks with Sierra Club members I’d never met before. I also started a sailing club when I’d only been sail-boating once and didn’t own as much as a toy boat. I found out adventures are rarely as romantic in real life as they are in my head, so now I make all the excitement happen without the trouble of blisters, rain-soaked tents, or club meetings.

Besides reading and writing, a few of my favorite things are long walks through the woods, driving at night with the windows down, traveling any chance I get, watching Netflix with my teens, and discussing just about anything over hot coffee and the best pastries I can find, which, when I’m lucky, are more like a true Danish than a doughnut.

Member SCBWI and RWA