Strung Along by a Great Story

You know how it feels to be submerged in a story so deep you forget the rest of the world? Those times you forget to check your calendar and miss that day's dental appointment or forget that your friend is visiting in two days requiring 48 hours of cleaning or it's suddenly 3 p.m., time [...]

Teens in Battle – Band Style

For the past two years, I've been writing a book about teens competing in a battle of the bands. And I never once Googled "teen battle of the bands." I don't know why. I sure as heck Googled other music-related and festival-related topics, including straight-up "battle of the bands." Maybe I didn't think it could [...]

Writing with Subtlety

I love when I'm reading a story and the author deftly touches on one of those minor, everyday human experiences that I've felt but never seen expressed before. I'm especially impressed when the subject matter is so lightly felt in real life that I've barely registered it in the past, yet as soon as I [...]