Teens in Battle – Band Style

For the past two years, I’ve been writing a book about teens competing in a battle of the bands.

And I never once Googled “teen battle of the bands.”

I don’t know why. I sure as heck Googled other music-related and festival-related topics, including straight-up “battle of the bands.” Maybe I didn’t think it could really be a thing except in my imagination. But I’m glad I finally did. Immediately, this article and this article appeared, both about teens doing exactly the kind of thing I’d written about in my story. And there are plenty more articles like those.

It’s great to know there are kids following their passion for music in this way, and there are adults who support them. While my book delves into some difficult, edgy issues (I can’t say more or I’d spoil it), I hope readers will also find a fondness there–for musicians, for taking off into the world with your friends, and ultimately, for going after what you want, no matter the obstacles.

I only wish I’d started to go after what I want at their age. They seriously inspire me.